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Somehow, in the midst of recording his entire life and posting it up on Snapchat, DJ Khaled has also managed to record and release a new album with some of today’s hottest artists in Hip-Hop. The key to more success is cocoa butter, using the right soap (DJ Khaled only uses Dove) and compiling Jay-Z, Future, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, J. Cole, Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and more onto one killer album with some savage one-liners.

1. “My swag different, that bag different
My wife Beyoncé, I brag different.” – “I Got The Keys” ft. Jay-Z and Future jay z

Glad to see the two recovering from that whole Lemonade fiasco, but we already knew you were richer than us, Jay-Z.

2. “Last year I had drama girl, not right now. I was never gon’ chat what we talkin’ about. You the only one I know can fit it all in her…” – “For Free” ft. Drake



3. “We need balance, so we can lease and own Ds in our projects. So I’m askin Gs to go in their pockets. The racial economic inequality, let’s try to solve it.” – “Nas Album Done” ft. Nas


This feature came as a bit of a surprise as Nas has mostly stuck with solo projects in recent years, but after this track I’m hoping he’ll reunite with old pals Jay-Z and Kanye West for a “Hip Hop Is Dead” part two.

4. “I can see the future that we’re heading. I would say it’s better not to tell. If it’s anything like this in heaven, maybe I’d be better off in hell.” -” Jermaine’s Interlude” ft. J. Cole

j cole

5. “Yo, he ain’t messin with no average chick, pop pop. He got Nicki, he know he hit that jackpot.” – “Do You Mind” ft. Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Future, Jeremih and more


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So I guess Nicki lifted her alleged restraining order on the rapper post-proposal back in 2013. As DJ Khaled says, “There will be roadblocks but we will overcome it.”

6. “First I eat it then I beat it like Michael. Yeah, I write but I consider myself an idol.” – spoken by Kodak Black in “Pick These Hoes Apart” 


7. “I take you to the Caribbean. Make your mind as clear as the water you swimming in. In and out that bitch we like amphibians.” – “Work For It” Ft. 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane & Big Sean


I never knew you felt so strongly about ocean life, Big Sean.

8. “That’s not my kid, call up my n*gga Maury. Drinkin, drivin, but I wore a condom and I’m stickin to that story.” – “Tourist” ft. Travis Scott and Lil Wayne


Young Mula BABY, alright.**

9. “Guess who made their DNA? Amy Wine to Cobain. Qur’an, Bible or fate. Tryin not to feel like I’m Robin Will. Would a hook change my fate?”  – “Forgive Me Father” Ft. Wale, Wiz Khalifa and Meghan Trainor


Wale seems to be competing in a game of “How many deceased legends can I reference in one sentence?” and he won. RIP to all the aforementioned.

As a whole, I am thoroughly impressed with the diverse sounds on this album and with the amount of major artists DJ Khaled was able to recruit. It has everything from street music to slower, more sensual R&B, and even some Latino influences. I 10/10 would listen again and highly recommend. So go ahead and download Apple Music if you haven’t yet already, as that is the only place you can stream it currently, and don’t ever play yourself.


**Disclaimer: I do not support deadbeat fathers.

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