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It is no secret that the Electronic Dance Music scene has made an impact on pop culture as of late. With budding festivals and large raves dominating the country, it is only fitting that DJs have taken their hand at giving back. Take for instance the charitable organization Electric Family.

Electric Family’s slogan next to their name is, “Distributing Positivity Worldwide” and their mission create a community of people who give back and and advocate compassion worldwide. As such, there are three charitable DJs who have made custom bracelets on Electric Family that also aim to give back additionally.


Through advocating for multiple organizations, Bassnectar has made a name for himself in giving back. He has gone into business with the non-profit organization Conscious Alliance, which provides hunger relief and empowering the youth, Furthermore, Lorin has taken one dollar from every concert ticket on his tours and donated it to charities voted on by fans in his campaign “Dollar Per BassHead.” Accumulating nearly $250,000, the funds were dispersed across three charities voted on by fans.

Steve Aoki

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Steve Aoki has said there’s always been a place in his heart for charity since the exposition of his career. Last year, Aoki’s charitable fund made donations of over $65,000 to the Brain Preservation Foundation, the University of Rochester Medical Center’s Memory Care Program, the American Brain Foundation and Infusio.

Taking $1.00 from each of the tickets sold on the Aokify America Tour, Aoki has made a difference in the Electronic Dance Community through his actions. In addition to all of this amazing progress, he was named as Global Ambassador for the Best Buddies Program, a non-profit organization focused on helping young people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.


3LAU has made his impact on the dance music scene for the past five years while also raising almost $95,000 for the non-profit organization Pencils of Promise. The organization builds schools and increases educational opportunities in the developing world. 3LAU, himself, visited the house that was built with his funds in 2013.

The DJ also recently launched his charity record label BLUME, which is the first non-profit label donating all proceeds to charity. BLUME kicked off with the release of 3LAU’s new single “Is It Love?”. Blau aims to raise an additional $100,000 for Pencils of Promise in 2016 alone. The single is about to surpass 5,000,000 streams on Spotify, so he’s certainly on his way to achieving his goal.


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