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As clumsily as Johnny Manziel stumbled through Coachella, we made our way through Weekend One of performances from six stages of the festival situated in the Colorado Desert. We did so dauntingly, as the list of over 170 artists performing during the three week stint in sunny SoCal is overwhelming and diverse. Literally, acts from A to Zhu are taking to Coachella with more fervor than festival trends like septum rings and intricate art installations.

With technological advances in the “holy shit you can do that?!” realm, we have come to realize that Coachella is, quite honestly, overrated. Here are three reasons why live streaming has become the trend to top in the worldwide festival circuit.coachella, coachella 2016, california music festival, coachella pictures 2016, i hate coachella, coachella live stream

No Rushing From Set to Set

Although live streaming Coachella is only available live (hello Captain Obvious and his gaggle of groupies reminiscent of Diplo back-up dancers), festival feens can revisit all the sets on Coachella’s page here. Best part of all, Weekend Two will feature the same headliners you know and love plus the under-discovered. All without having to rush from set to set!

This means no life hacking necessary; turn your living room, bedroom or office into a total ‘Chella and Chill zone.

Sweaty and Thirsty? No Thanks

Brace yourself for a heat wave of happiness (courtesy of PLUR vibes and consumption of adult beverages if of-age) but also a straight up heat wave if attending Coachella. It’s warm out there, point blank. Plus, Coachella’s got 99 (thousand) problems and sweat-soaked strangers is one.

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Avoid the hassle of exuding any type of bodily secretions from your pores and relax with a nice refreshing craft beer at home. We recommend a strong, manly Seventh Son brown ale.

New Views Make You The Headliner 

We’re gonna borrow Insomniac’s marketing campaign for a minute, because thanks to 360-degree videos, fans are now the most important headliners. Although this is the sixth year YouTube has offered a free live stream for Coachella fans across the globe, 2016 has become the first of its kind, a virtual experience seen through the eyes of those in attendance.

“After years of live-streaming Coachella for fans around the world who can’t attend the festival, this year we’re bringing you the concert like never before by live streaming the festival in 360 degrees with select artist performances,” said YouTube chief product officer Neal Mohan.

Those lucky enough to have their sights, sets and sounds live streamed through a 360-degree circling drone during Weekend Two include Matt & Kim, Dawn Richard and The Kills.

Coachella Live Stream
Weekend One Here

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