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Not unlike Will Ferrell in Talladega Nights, you may sometimes find yourself wondering what to do with your hands when showing love to your favorite acts. Fortunately, many DJ’s have coined their own personalized hand signals. We have compiled a list of some of the most commonly used symbols in the scene today. So the next time you witness a sea of people crossing their arms to form an “X”, you’ll know you’re at an Excision show and not some extreme taping of Family Feud

While the jury is still out on whether or not Ghastly is actually a Pokemon, his hand signal of choice points towards the latter. The bass house producer can frequently be found posing with clenched fingers and an open palm in front of his face, seemingly paying tribute to his other-worldly counterpart. Ghastly has the ability to get any crowd moving as though they were possessed, solidifying his title as “the ghost with the most.”

Ghastly Hand 2

Flosstradamus started referring to themselves as the HDY BOYS (Hoodie Boys) back in 2011 after deciding to rock only hoodies and sweatpants on stage. They’ve gone on to create the HDYNATION, an army of trap obsessed fans. The official symbol of the ‘nation is the “Warning Sign”, an icon paying respect to old hardcore and house records that often incorporated street signs into the album art. The symbol is easily recreated with your hands. When the triangle with the exclamation point flashes to life on screen, only one thing is certain: things are about to get ratchet in the best way possible.

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Flosstradamus Warning Sign

Being one of the most prominent figures in the creation of the bass house scene, it should come as no surprise to learn that Jauz has his own shark-themed sign. He can be seen posing on stages all over the world with his hands forming a fin in front of his face. Even his fans, the #sharksquad, have picked up on the symbol, only furthering the frenzy around the young star.

Jauz Fin

Zeds Dead
Zeds Dead is easily one of the most well respected acts in the world of dubstep. The group also happens to have one of the cooler hand signals. They’ll have the crowd throw up the “Z”, oftentimes chanting “Zeds” with the crowd answering “Dead”. Should you ever have the opportunity to toss up a “Z” of your own, make sure your right hand is on the bottom. Otherwise you’ll end up looking more backwards than your Dad at a Chief Keef show. 

Zeds Dead Z

For years, Excision’s brand of bone-crunching dubstep has been bringing together hardcore bassheads from across the globe. With his recent North American “Paradox” tour selling out all 53 stops, it only makes sense that one of the biggest names in bass would have his own symbol. Modeled after his name, fans cross their arms to form an “X”. The sight of thousands tossing up the symbol during his track “X Up” is truly mesmerizing.

Excision X Up

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