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With festival season coming to a close, now is the perfect time to look back and reflect on some of the most creative lineup releases ever conceived. From fan-centric releases by the Electric Forest HQ to cryptic messages posted by the team behind HARD Summer, we’re here to bring you up to speed on the wildest ways lineups have ever found their way into the hands of the people.

EDC Las Vegas
EDC Las Vegas continues to be one of the largest and most extravagant dance music festivals in the world year after year. The 2015 edition saw the lineup released not in English, but a hieroglyphic-style code known as the “Owlphabet”. A key was posted along with the lineup, allowing the good people of the Internet to eventually decipher the names. Boasting names like Above & Beyond, Bassnectar, Disclosure, and Eric Prydz, I’m sure more than a few attendees were experiencing the adrenaline rush of a lifetime after deciphering only the first half of the roster.

edc vegas 2015 key

Electric Forest
Electric Forest is known for having one of the most dedicated communities in the festival circuit. With many attendees calling the Forest “home”, it should come as no surprise that the Electric Forest HQ decided to include the Forest Family in the most recent lineup release. Instead of simply posting it in phases online, the bulk of the artists were broken up and listed on cards that were sent out with the wristbands of a select few ticket holders. Twitter was flooded with pictures of names until the lineup was finally pieced together. While agonizing over whether the Bassnectar card was Photoshopped or not was torture, the overall reveal was truly exhilarating.

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bassnectar electric forest announcement

Bonnaroo successfully revealed their 2013 lineup through a live Youtube broadcast hosted by Weird Al Yankovic. The promoters opted to continue the trend of creative announcements in 2015. Hopeful attendees were given a phone number. Those who made the call were given one artist from the lineup. Fans then took to Twitter to announce the name, using the Bonnaroo hashtag.

Escape Psycho Circus
One of the less over-the-top lineup releases occurs each year at one of Insomniac’s end of summer events. Insomniac chooses to reveal the lineup for their monstrous west coast Halloween affair, Escape Psycho Circus, by handing out fliers to attendees at Nocturnal Wonderland. While the creative releases are fun, the opportunity to lay your eyes on a hard copy of a lineup that the rest of the world has yet to see is thrilling in its own right. Escape is set to play host to the likes of Eric Prydz, Kaskade, Tiesto and Jauz among many others.

escape psycho circus 2016 lineup

HARD Summer
HARD Summer is one of California’s most anticipated festivals of the year. The organizers capitalized on this fact not by including their fans in the release, but by alienating them altogether. They teased the event by acting as though the world was suddenly without Internet. They made their website look like something straight out of the ‘90’s and required a username and password that nobody had in order to access the site. The torture finally ended with the release of a hilarious announcement video. The video featured fan favorites such as Flosstradamus, Ghastly, Mija, and Diplo as well as the HARD Events boss himself, Destructo.

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