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Slow as Moses internet, choker necklaces, denim-on-denim, blow-up furniture…oh and Brittany & Justin 4ever. Seriously, can we flashback to the 90’s for just a day?! Wait, we totally can.

Here are the nine reasons we had to bring the 1990’s back by attending the most over-the-top throwback festival of our generation, the 90sFest

1. Before we had R.L Grime to keep us jumping all night long, we turned to R.L Stine to keep our friends awake. What’s a sleepover with the squad without some “Goosebumps”?

2. People may be talking about the worlds hottest djs of today (Hi, Calvin Harris) but before EDM popped off as a genre we had something much sexier, and arguably with MUCH better style. Boy Bands. Frosted tips, denim jackets…oh baby. 

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3.There was no social media and music still on MTV. Seriously though,rappers couldn’t just beef it out on social media (is that a world tour or?…) they had to make actual diss tracks. Imagine if Biggie and Pac had Twitter feuds! 

Grab tickets for Columbus & Pittsburgh dates of 90s Fest by clicking here!

4. Nokia phones. Cause if those babies were still in use, never would we have to worry about a broken phone or dropping service at a festival again.

5. Before Tidal and Apple Music, Spotify and SoundCloud…there was HitClips. Grab a burger from your local McDonald’s and get a low-fi one minute clip of your favorite jam. 

So there you have it! Five reasons to count ’em on your fingers. What other trends are making a tubular comeback from the 1990’s? Share with us by tweeting @life_back_stage using the hashtag #90sfest for a chance to be RT! 

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