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With his major “So Much More” tour hitting two Prime Social spots, Mynt in Cincinnati and Sway in Columbus, in addition to making his way to the #FEST stage in April, we knew we had to catch Pierce Fulton on his progressive house campaign trail. Forget “Feel The Bern”, we’re on the “Fulton For Prez” ticket as should all of you per this killer interview below.

With fantastically epic yet still intimate sets in Columbus and one coming in Cincinnati, what else are you bringing to the table in 2016 for Prime Social fans to brace themselves for?

A whole slew of new music is right on the way. I have one new remix that’s hitting a totally new style for me, my next single which is my favorite song I’ve ever done, an upcoming collaboration with a really awesome artist and a 6 track EP I’m finishing right now.

What do you aim to do with your music? Is it create a certain sound, influence other artists, create something relatable for your fans?

I think I just want something for people to be excited to hear at my shows. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a banger or a hit, just something you can be happy to hear me play. I always love seeing the reactions when I play to songs like ‘Landmines’ or ‘In Reality’ to stuff like my ‘Surrender’ remix and ‘Overload’ remix. It’s crazy how much of my music you all know it’s really so cool.

Any tour must-haves? Lucky pillow, top shelf booze, your favorite set of headphones?

Well I always need something to occupy my flying time. I go thru phases but it will be a few months of one of these activities at a time: writing/producing, reading, playing a new game on my 3DS (last one was Zelda Majoras Mask which was a blast), or gear-related stuff like I just read the whole manual to a new guitar pedal I bought or I’ll bring my OP1 or recently purchased “pocket operator” synths to play with.

What song of yours best describes your current outlook on 2016?

‘No More’ hits he nail on the head pretty well. It shows that I’m gonna be always pushing my boundaries within what a typical Pierce Fulton listener expects from me. Not gonna suddenly change my sound but I do have some very different stuff on deck in 2016. That being said, I’ve been so excited to write another ‘Kuaga’, ‘In Reality’ or ‘Landmines’ style song.

One word to describe Pierce Fulton fans?

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The coolest people in the world. You guys come to the shows, sing and dance the night away with me and it’s the best reward in the world. I am always so blown away meeting everyone after my shows because you’re all the nicest and most genuine listeners I’ve ever met.

How were you first introduced into the realm of electronic dance music?

I went to high school in Vermont, which is not really a state known for any sort of electronic music scene, and met a Venezuelan exchange student who happened to love electronic music. He showed me some mixes from Carl Cox and Pete Tong and I was really drawn to house music because I’d never really heard it before. I’d been producing some hip hop for a bit but then decided to try my hand in house. I also eventually transferred to a high school that happened to have electronic music composition courses, which is like unheard of in high schools, let alone Vermont high schools. Luckily this particular school was blessed with an incredible performing arts department run by a husband and wife that did and still do a spectacular job.

What does your creative process look like, and has it changed as you’ve grown as an artist?

My creative process is constantly changing. It used to be: make a drum beat so I have some rhythmic constraints for my melody writing (otherwise I go all over the place). Then it was: write some chords and fiddle on the guitar until a melody hits. Now I’m trying out a new technique, I bought this old cassette player/recorder and I’m gonna just jam on chords and sing or hum melodies until I like one. Just makes it a bit more natural. I’ve also been trying to write more of my toplines myself so this will help that. Obviously I can do that with my iPhone or computer but I want to step away from distractions a bit.

How did “Boy and the Beast” come about with your collab with Puppet? It was a surprising departure into the dark side, one I thoroughly enjoyed!

Well Puppet and I have been friends for a while because we both went to the University of Vermont and he used to send me music to check out back in the day. We met when we both lived in NYC and have been friends since. The collab happened pretty much outta nowhere, I sent him an idea and we did some back and fourth and it took a while because the idea changed so much but finally we figured out the direction and ran with it. It was such a fun song because it started out dark and we’re both known for happy and uplifting music and we tried to adapt it to that for a while. Once we were like “okay forget it lets go full dark” it really got exciting.

To see Pierce Fulton live at #14FEST, click here!


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