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With a SoCal sound and talent to match (dude’s got multiple degrees in audio engineering and production), SNBRN is one to watch. His high heat remixes have gone viral, from “21 Questions” by 50 Cent to “Sexual Healing”, a Marvin Gaye classic.

His biggest hit “Raindrops” helped put him on the map as his branded Sunset House vibes took over our entire 2015. Now, he’s doing (sun) damage with help from Shaun Frank and Dr. Fresch on “The New Order”, a pervasive club house track that dropped in February.

What’s coming up for the producer of some of the smoothest, dopest tracks with future house sounds and mass appeal? Find out below in our exclusive interview with SNBRN.


Tell us a little bit about how you developed “sunset house”. What kind of vibe does this emit, what kind of vibe do you want to create with this type of music?

Sunset House is essentially the last songs before the day becomes night. It’s higher energy than you would hear during the day but not as crazy as 2 am in a nightclub. It’s also fully of lots of SoCal vibe and hip hop & 90’s influence.

How did you get involved with Nate Dogg for your “Gangsta Walk” track? And where did the idea for that throwback music video come from?

After my 50 cent remix I was really on the hunt for a rapper with that similar style to collaborate or remix. One thing led to another and I got one better, an original unreleased Nate Dogg acapella called ‘Gangsta Walk’ fell into my lap. The video was a concept I had been thinking about for a while, a throwback with kids and a full dance routine.

Have you always been into hip hop tracks? I loved your mix of 50 Cent’s “21 Questions” as well as the newly released Nate Dogg collab “Gangsta Walk”.

Absolutely! Growing up in LA there was a lot of hip hop wherever you went, so it was a big influence for me.

How is your North American tour going so far? What are you looking forward to for the rest of 2016? Any insider info you can give us as to your next major collaboration or song drop?

Tour so far has been wild!! It’s really a lot more fun to have 2 of my close friends Shaun Frank and Dr. Fresch on some of the dates. I’m really excited for Miami Music Week and Ultra in a few weeks here. My next single is a step out of my comfort zone and will definitely be a surprise.

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What can our Ohio fans expect from your stop April 30th in Columbus? Is there something you’re super excited to bring to the Mid-West besides a solid second degree SNBRN and Sunset House appeal?

 Lots of new tunes and sound that Ohio hasn’t really seen yet!

What do you think of as you’re creating music, particularly your effervescent, mass appealing “Raindrops” and “Beat The Sunrise”? Do you think of the fans you want to attract, the feeling in the club you want to create, or do you try to create something you yourself would like to listen to?

Every time is different! The energy, the sounds, the vibe, the vocal. My main thing is going with the flow of what the song needs and not how am I gonna make this a banger.

What song out now are you dying to remix?

Shaggy – “It Wasn’t Me”

Tell us about how you were first introduced into the electronic industry and what your pivotal “I think I’ve made it” moment was if it’s hit you yet.

 I started going to raves when I was in my early teens and over the past decade slowing transitioned from a fan to an artist. Making music from a hobby into a job in 2010 was a huge pivotal point for me, it was all or nothing. “Raindrops” charting on Billboard was also a pretty big thing to me.

Prep for a second degree SNBRN with the artist on tour now:

Upcoming Prime Social Stops
3/5 Madison, WI @ Liquid  – tickets here
4/29 Cincinnati, OH @ Mynt – tickets here
4/30 Columbus, OH @ Dahlia – tickets here


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