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Jalen Raheem Alexander Ramsaw, better known as Alexander Dreamer has just released his new EP Spirit, a prequel to his untitled forthcoming album set to release later this year. We sat down with Ohio’s own for a raw interview from the passionate producer. 

Where does the name Alexander Dreamer come from?

“The name Alexander Dreamer is derived from my middle name and the title of my first project, DreamerDreamer was a very sentimental project that connected me with some very important people who would alter and influence my career.”

Riveting Entertainment signee and Ohio hip-hop artist, Cal Scruby, was amongst those influencers. Since, Dreamer and Scruby have become long time collaborators. Dreamer produced multiple tracks off Scruby’s breakout mixtape Scrubby, as well as “Wondergirl” and “All for Ohio”. Look for Scruby to appear on Spirit as well. 

How long have you been involved in music? 

“I’ve been involved with music since around the age of four or five….I give credit to my grandmother for my profound interest in playing different instruments. I used to bang on the keys of the piano in my grandmother’s house from the time I was big enough to climb on the bench.” 

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The experience of playing multiple instruments made him fall in love with many different musical sounds leading him to producing his own beats. When asked how he separates himself from other artists, he shared, “I write, produce, mix, and perform all my music myself.”

What was the moment that really shifted your career, or let you know you were doing the right thing? 

I asked this question and immediately got a pause from Dreamer. Then I got a response I could directly relate to…his mother, like mine, had passed away. His just over two years ago and mine 18.

“My mother always thought of me making music as just a hobby. This all changed within the last few years leading up to her passing. I make a lot of different kinds of music for many different people, but to have my mom become a fan of what I do was, and still is, inspiring to me. There are rare moments in time when you feel like you actually connect with someone and for me, when she finally got what I was trying to do, that was one of those moments.”

Spirit features 4 songs including the standout track #BackNow which can be streamed below. When I asked Dreamer what he believes his listeners will get out of this project he said, “I think it will be very interesting and intrigue the listener sonically.” Dreamer hopes his listeners will spread the project via word-of-mouth. He still feels this is the most powerful form of promotion.

In his free time he enjoys watching movies directed by Christopher Nolan, written by Jonathon Nolan and scored by Hans Zimmer. Some of those movies include “Inception”, the “Dark Knight” series and “Interstellar”.

Make sure you give Alex a follow on all socials (@alexanderdreamr) to keep up with new music, updates and shows in your area, or visit alexanderdreamermusic.net

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