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In a culture of mad and constant excess, Cash Cash is hoping fans will figuratively put their money instead on the trio’s upcoming album release. We caught up with Sam, Alex, and JP to find out why they’ve partied for two months straight and what made the production of “Aftershock” such a stress-free process.

Tell us about your latest release with Jacquie Lee, “Aftershock”. What was the inspiration, what was the process for creating this new track?

Making “Aftershock” with Jacquie was such a stress-free process… we say that, because sometimes as producers you stress your tits off trying to reinvent your sound or genre; but sometimes it’s so relaxing and freeing to make a song only focused on creating something that will give people the feels. That’s what “Aftershock” was.

We solely focused on the lyrics, the melody, the synth riff, and the emotion they all evoked together. Everything else was secondary, and we strongly feel we’ve succeeded in making a song that will move you. The whole experience was a total vacation from the way we’ve been working lately. We’re hoping the song hits our listeners like it hit us.

Who are you dying to collaborate with in 2016 or can you hint at some upcoming tracks?

We were in the studio with Nelly and came up with a really dope song after smoking about 10 blunts. We’re also super amped about the song we did with Fitz & The Tantrums as well as Christina Perri and Sofia Reyes.

What collaborator have you enjoyed working with most or have a wild story about (John Rzeznik, Bebe Rexha)?

Working with Busta Rhymes and John Rzeznik were both really a lot of fun. They are both legends, and mixing their vocals on our tracks felt really nostalgic. We brought Busta out to Vegas to perform it wish us, and it was wild. The energy was so intense the whole night, and it made for one of the best shows of the year so far!

What were some of your favorite moments on tour with Tritonal last fall, and what can we look forward to in 2016?

The whole tour was non-stop balls to the wall. It was like a constant party for two months, haha! All the shows were so memorable in their own way, but NYC, Dallas, Boston and LA were some of the craziest.

Our album is finally 100 percent complete and will be coming out this year. We are currently having artwork made and planning the full release as we speak!

How has the electronic music genre changed since your group hit the scene?

Everyone now is really open to trying new things. A lot of producers are stepping out of their VST instrument worlds and into actual sound design or manipulating audio to make extremely unique sounds and instruments. Our new album is filled with a lot of that kind of experimenting.

Singers from so many outside genres are becoming more and more open to getting in the room with electronic producers, too. Together, they are creating special and unique collabs which have taken the electronic music movement to new heights.

For each of you, what are your current favorite tracks?

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Sam – Conro “On My Way Up”
Alex – Twenty One Pilots “Stressed Out”
JP – The Knocks “Love Me Like That”

What one word describes “Cash Cash” music as well as the one that describes your fans?

If we had to pick one word to describe us it would be “smorgasbord”. Our music is like a buffet of so many different foods but all part of a cohesive meal. One word to describe our fans? Motivation.

If music was gone tomorrow, what would the three of you be doing instead?

I (JP) would probably be working with animals… specifically reptiles. Alex would most likely be doing something involving science or astronomy, and I could see Sam working in the art field like graphic design or video, maybe even photography.

What is your creative process… do you work individually, as a group? Any quirky or interesting rituals that get the juices flowing?

There’s no set way we do things. Sometimes it starts with a vocal hook and then we build the track around that… or sometimes we’ll have a catchy synth riff that turns into an instrumental track and written over with different artists and features.

As three producers, we have pieces and pieces of different stuff all over and end up putting some together that make sense as we work throughout the year to make songs complete. We’ve even done remixes for other artists then stopped halfway and been like ‘wait, this should be an original song instead’ and made that happen.

We do do a lot of the writing using an acoustic guitar and piano though.

Last question (and perhaps of utmost importance)! Snapchat or Instagram?

Alex and I (JP) say Instagram but Sam rocks the Snapchat pretty hard… I think he likes checking out the nudes.

Escape your mundane 9 to 5 with electro pop hits “Take Me Home” by Cash Cash featuring Bebe Rexha and their latest “Surrender”, then follow the hella chill group on social media below.

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