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With the start of the North American Bus Tour officially underway, Kill The Buzz and Thomas Newson took some time to sit down with The Life Backstage for an exclusive interview. The guys were eager to answer the questions and definitely sounded pumped for the tour with Hardwell and their show at 31st Street Movie Studios in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

So far the tour has gone well with a dominating New Orleans production and a sold-out Atlanta crowd. Both artists told me how the crowd was really feeling the music, dancing until the end of all the sets, and just having a great time all around.

With the recent “Bus Tour Mix”, what brought you guys to create it?

Kill The Buzz & Thomas Newson: We did it to promote the Bus Tour, and to let people get to know and expect what we play, and the kind of style and genre even for the people who are coming to us for the first time. Also to promote new tracks they are going to release and put out the new music again.

How does it feel to be on this tour with Hardwell?

Kill The Buzz: I’ve been touring with Hardwell for the last 2 years, and it’s really fun to do something different then just hopping from plane, hotel, to club. This time we can do an actual bus tour and hangout 24/7 with eachother.

Thomas Newson: For me it’s the first time. 3 years ago I signed one track for Revealed and now 2 years later I’m touring with Hardwell. It’s pretty sick.

Kill The Buzz & Thomas Newson: We’re from the same state in Holland so this is more fun that we can all do this together.

Who is the biggest influence for your career right now?

Kill The Buzz: I’m really looking up to the Swedish guys, like Axwell & Ingrosso, and Allesso. They really make good vocal tracks.

Thomas Newson: Galantis

What would be your biggest turning point in your career?

Kill The Buzz: The first time I opened up for the I Am Hardwell show. I’ve never played for big audiences before, so then at one point I had to play for like 30,000 people. For me that was a turning point to see people dance and go crazy for the music that you were playing.

Thomas Newson: When “Flute” became a big hit on the radio, and when I signed my first track with Revealed Recordings.

Do you have any favorite old school tracks that you like to listen to?

Kill The Buzz: Various tracks from Earth, Wind & Fire, to Daft Punk albums, and then to Michael Jackson.

Thomas Newson: No, I haven’t listened to any old school stuff.

Is there an artist in particular that you would want to collaborate with in the future?

Kill The Buzz: Tommy for sure, but other than him any one really, as long as they have a sound I really like or grabs my attention.

Thomas Newson: Kill The Buzz (both laugh). If someone has a good idea than its good enough for me.

Kill The Buzz & Thomas Newson: As long as they grab my attention, can be a big name or a small name, it really doesn’t matter.

In your career, is there anything you would redo if you had to?

Kill The Buzz: I would spend more time in the studio with the knowledge that I have now.

Thomas Newson: I really like the way it’s going right now, not too fast and not too slow.

What would you want to individually bring to the tour?

Kill The Buzz: I want have people recognize me for the things that I play and produce and bring a lot of new music to the tour and get it out there because North America is still a big market.

Thomas Newson: I feel the same way. And of course a lot of my own productions.

Kill The Buzz & Thomas Newson: Good vibes, energy, and getting people together to get dancing again.

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Kill The Buzz

You’ve been touring with Hardwell for a few years now, do you have one place in particular that goes down in the memory books for you?

Kill The Buzz: It’s not really a place you would go on a first thought, it’s Porto Seguro, Brazil. The reason why I say that is because Porto Seguro for me, has been a beautiful place. I had no WiFi at all so I couldn’t use my phone. So I really had a day off to do nothing and just enjoy the sun and enjoy the beach (laughs). It’s a small place, it looked great, the people were nice, and the food was excellent.

Is there a specific sub-genre in EDM that you like to lean towards?

Kill The Buzz: There is. I am really inspired by the Axwell & Ingrosso and Alesso sounds, it’s more of the genre I am leaning onto right now. I really like the melodic and vocal tracks. For the future I would really like to make the radio tracks and not just the club tracks. You want that track that people will remember five years from now, I still have some like that which I listen to.


Thomas Newson:

In 2015, you created the track “Wave Your Hands”, how was working with Bassjackers?

Thomas Newson: It was pretty sick. We had 5 ideas that were not good enough to release. Then I was in the train on my way to go see Bassjackers again, the main reference idea popped up on my mind, so I took out my phone and showed Ralph from Bassjackers, he said it was great and that we should make something like this. Then friends were born (laughs).

This year for 2016, do you have any big plans that we should know about?

Thomas Newson: I did a remix for Galantis that I am really excited about and I signed 3 tracks on Revealed. I also have a few other tracks that I am currently working on, so far it’s going to be a good year.


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Kill The Buzz

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Thomas Newson

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