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Electric Forest 2016 is right around the corner and there are so many ways for attendees to get involved with the Plug-in program. To find out more information about each opportunity or to apply to a program, you can go here. You can also find a brief introduction to each program below:

Playlist Monthly Submissions

Each month leading up to EF, HQ will provide 1 GA camping wristband for the weekend to anyone who submits a themed playlist that highlights music from Forest artists. This is the final month that playlists can be submitted! You have until 5/31 @ 11:59 p.m. to make it happen. Make sure to look over the rules first:

  • Your playlist may only include original tracks and remixes from artists listed on the EF2016 Lineup.
  • Your playlist must be created specifically for Electric Forest.
  • Electric Forest may elect to use the final playlist beyond the platform you submitted in.
  • Your playlist must be your own original playlist, not someone else’s!
  • Do not submit your playlist more than once – it will qualify every month for the prize!
  • You are welcome to submit more than one playlist.
  • It is advised that you give your playlist a theme, such as “Hammock Music” or “Traveling to The Forest” in the title/description. Themed playlists tell a better story for those who might want to listen in!
  • To submit a playlist follow this link

UnMEDIAted Photo Program

This program allows photographers a chance to win a spot on the 2016 Electric Forest Photo Crew. Winners of this program will also receive 2 GA camping wristbands, one photo pass, 500$ travel stipend, and photos taken at the festival will be shared throughout the year on all EF digital platforms. Photographers can submit projects until May 23rd and the winner will be announced by the end of the month. Here’s more information about how to apply:

  • Step 1: Go out into the world around you and create a gallery of 10-20 images that reflect your artistic ability and the type of scenes you hope to capture at this year’s event. You don’t have to visit a forest, you don’t have to shoot a concert – show HQ how Electric Forest inspires you, in whatever context you like.
  • Step 2: Upload your gallery. Your gallery must be hosted on Photobucket. Galleries hosted on alternative sites will not be considered.
  • Step 3: Share your favorite gallery images with the hashtag #EF2016Photographer on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or wherever your wild internets roam, and tag Electric Forest so HQ can see it!
  • Step 4: Send your gallery to HQ by submitting at this link! More information about the rules and selection process can also be found here.

Her Forest

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Intended to empower the female community of EF, there is a Women’s group camp for any female traveling solo or in a small group. Registration is only $40 and Her Forest attendees will be connected with other camp members as the festival nears so carpooling and arrival plans can be coordinated. To find out more information about the activities and experience offered or to register, go here. Here are the rules for this program:
  • Registration and payment of the Women’s Group Camp Fee is required in order to camp in this space.
  • At minimum one (1) GA Camping wristband per person is required to qualify to join the Women’s Camp.
  • The Women’s Group Camp is run like a true Group Camp, and there will be one (1) Group Camp Parking Pass issued for every three (3) members. Members must organize carpools with each other, and all other Group Camping rules will apply.


Join the sustainable force and work to keep the forest clean in order to win free wristbands, special meet and greats, EF swag, and more. Electricology ECOzones are conveniently placed in every GA and good life campsite so you can easily throw out trash and drop off recycling. With your participation you can earn ECOpoints that can easily be redeemed for cool prizes at the Electricology stores located inside the venue near Sherwood Ct. Check out how you can get ahead of the game by going here.


If you arrive at the forest in environmentally green ways, you can enter to win GA wristbands to EF for life! You can also win prizes if you arrive by shuttle or bike. To learn more about how to earn rewards or to find the ride share forum go here.

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