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Skyelle, formerly known as “Buddygirrl” the 23 year-old electronic music producer and vocalist from Columbus, Ohio, decided to give us a peek into her world and an explanation behind her name change in this Life Backstage exclusive.

Many greats started off with obscure names that the bandwagon fans will know nothing about. Any “Jazzy” fans out there? Probably not. Jay-Z may have 100 problems now, but that old name isn’t one of them.

History has shown that name changers are game changers, and in Skyelle’s case, she decided to mix it up simply because she felt she’d grown out of the old name and wanted to showcase her maturity as an artist.

She wasn’t always the mature EDM sonsgstress you can see and hear today. As a mere fifth grader, she took up the viola. While some of you “band geeks” may have been made fun of back in the day, for kids like Skyelle it can certainly pay off in the long run. These harmonies have stuck with her and materialized their influences in her recent tracks through instruments such as the harp. For her, the transition to electronic music occurred when she realized there was “a crapload you can do” with it, given the possibilities with synthesis and freedom of experimentation.

“I can’t really pinpoint exact reasons why I enjoy it other than the vibes.
Music should just resonate with you.” -Skyelle, on her transition to EDM

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Her latest “Sacred Woods” was released by Monstercat and is a vocal collaboration with Varien, who she refers to as “one of the most talented and versatile” artists she knows. Inspiration for the track dawned on her while sitting in her car in a rainy park surrounded by trees. No wonder the arguably most beloved electric music festival makes us haul ass out to the forest to experience it.

Varien and trees aren’t the only things she has been influenced by, working heavily with Team Corrupt, and even had her first show ever with him at the Bluestone in Columbus in 2013. “His team is so loyal and they do everything in their power to make sure the word gets

“His team is so loyal and they do everything in their power to make sure the word gets out…it’s always great when you have that kind of support…Networking can be so powerful when executed properly.” -Skyelle on her collaborations with Corrupt

The Columbus-based ingenue will need all the networking she can get, because regarding where she sees herself in five years, she says, “I want to be able to safely call this my career and live off my art and passion…But for now, I’m still finding myself vocally and I feel like I’m getting closer.”

Help Skyelle get closer to achieving her dreams by checking out her newest track below, and if you’re craving some new summer jams, you can also check out her curated favorites below!

Skyelle’s Current Picks

  • “Good To Me” by Brookes Brothers
  • “We Are Not Human” by June Miller
  • “Magnets” by Disclosure ft. Lorde
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