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Have you ever taken a second to reflect on what has changed since you were a kid? Televisions have gotten bigger, cell phones have claimed ownership of our attention spans, cars have become more spacious and faster…oh, and there was an explosion of dance music. 

Now, think about the club scene in 2016: lasers and LED lights have changed the game for events. Furthermore, there has been the introduction of the silent disco. What is a silent disco you ask? It is pretty simple actually.

To start, everyone is given a pair of headphones. Then, music is broadcast through a radio transmitter to said headphones, and the party begins! Think of it like listening to a radio station online through Pandora, Apple Music or Spotify but instead, a DJ’s mixes are being broadcast to you and everyone in attendance. 

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When Breakaway Fest returns, expect a killer silent disco lineup! TBA

Silent disco 2

So, who came up with this concept? In 1999, The Flaming Lips threw the first headphone concert in Austin, Texas, handing our FM receivers to the attendees.  Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival is the prime example of an event that now has a Silent Disco tent every year. The idea was met with skepticism at first but quickly embraced.

Why you should experience the magic of a silent disco at LEAST once in your life- I say once per festival season- is the sense of closeness you feel with everyone around you but also the ability to be free within the confines of your headphones. It feels personal and intimate yet congregated and epic all at the same time. 

Which festival do you think could benefit from having one?

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