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Axwell /\ Ingrosso’s  back with  “Thinking About You” and it’s quite possibly the song of the summer. The follow-up single is to their smash hit “Sun Is Shining” but I happen to think this track is the one to cause rays of sunshine to beam from my speakers.

The concept of  “Thinking About You” that resonated with me, and made me want to write this article, is its simplicity. As far as lyrics go, it’s begins with:

Think about love, think about hate.
Think about gain fame, why I’m always late?

AND THEN BAM! The coolest techno beat I have heard thus far in 2016 drops. It has a hint of Calvin Harris’s “Summer” with a dash of Cash Cash’s “Take Me Home” which, in case you haven’t heard either of those, equals one incredible sound.

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Yes, I am overly excited about this track but, even more so, I’m looking forward to the abundance of remixes to come. Also, I’m just gonna leave this here…

In their face-swapping extravaganza of fun, Axwell /\ Ingrosso give us a spectacle of imaginative house craziness. The choreography of the wedding dancers was my favorite part because it was precise yet fun and over the top.


Featured photo: FMS-Mag

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