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Long before mainstream electronic favorites such as Skrillex, Tiesto, Avicii and Steve Aoki ever graced the scene, there was a small but powerful movement on the horizon (circa 1980s). It involved a few underground DJs and a dream, and one of these DJs was named Bad Boy Bill. The movement? Chicago House.

To give you a bit of background, Bad Boy Bill began his music career at a time when the genre was not even fully discovered or developed. He began by DJing at parties throughout Chicago and the suburbs, and since then has been voted twice as “America’s Favorite DJ” by BPM Magazine readers, became a founding partner of legendary Chicago labels Moody Recordings and International House Records, and has sold over one million mix compilations.

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Having known these substantial tidbits, and also because of my deep appreciation for vinyl records (although never managing to save the money to splurge on a turntable myself), I ventured out to my first set of his in Cincinnati, Ohio. What drew me to the kick-off of his Back To Vinyl Tour, with Richard Vission, was all of the above plus some.

I saw a few familiar friends who I had met at an Infected Mushroom show, clad in kandi and neon, ready to roll in the front row but also some OG techno heads which was refreshing. One I caught on SnapChat had seen BBB 10 years ago!

It was refreshing to see two DJs putting in real work at the turntable rather than simply pumping his fists in the air continuously. Bad Boy Bill is as authentic as it gets, Richard Vission is a vinyl pro, and their famous scratches somehow always sounded at the right time. It’s obvious that no two #BackToVinylTour shows will be the same, and I am hoping this will not be my last.

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