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The realm of electronic music is an undefined melting pot of creativity, ingenuity and untamed innovation. One of the most talented artists of this platform, in my opinion, is  Lorin Ashton aka Bassnectar. On Friday, his latest creation Unlimited was released to the public. Following his 11th studio album Into the Sun, released in 2015, expectations for this had no limitations and he literally (and figuratively) delivered.

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Ashton is well known for blurring the lines between noise and music, and Unlimited is no exception. Bassheads familiar with the traditional Nectar sound will be very pleased when listening to the majority of bass-infused tracks on this album. Those looking for inspiration and nonconformity will also feel spoken for and satiated.

For those who have never listened to the longtime bass leader, this album is a great introduction to the imagination and individuality of this artist. While many of the songs continue to push the limits of creativity, there is still an unmistakeable originality that fans will recognize and love.

My Top 5 Off Unlimited

  1. TKO ft. Rye Rye & Zion I
  2.  LEViT∆TE – Level Up ft. Macntaj
  3. LUZCID – Music Is The Drug
  4. Qa – Shampion Chip
  5. Zodgilla
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