Speculation has circulated for months since Bear Grillz, the anonymous producer under Firepower Records, announced his true identity would be revealed on national television and the time has come…

Bear Grillz took to the Jerry Springer Show May 6 dropping beats and his animal-based act. After an insane set that kicked off the show, typical scripted Jerry Springer drama ensued. From there, two lucky fans took to the stage to help with the big reveal.

Was it Skrillex? Was it Datsik? Nope it’s… RJ?!

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From Beary Springer’s Instagram @itsbeargrillz

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It was not an established artist hiding behind underneath the oversized friendly-faced bear head, but rather, a new face to the dance music scene. Fans took to the Internet with mixed reviews from “total letdown” to “that was legendary.”

When asked of how the costume came about, RJ said it began as a joke but turned into so much more than he ever imagined. After Bear Grillz finishes on Excision’s Paradox Tour, he will head to Australia, Europe and then South America before returning to the U.S. to perform at festivals.

Bear Grillz Reveal

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