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What a time to be alive….

Yes, it’s true, everyone’s favorite anonymous bear producer just released the final details surrounding their identity reveal. That’s right, Bear Grillz, or BG, is moving forward with their plan to forgo their anonymous identity, which has left fans in high anticipation of the event. Rightfully so, as anonymous producers are popping up left and right, circulating exhausting, but nonetheless hilarious, gossip and theories of potential identities for said producers. While the trend of anonymity among producers is refreshing because it creates an environment and fan base that is centered strictly around the music, it also has its downside when harmless chatter about prospective identities turns into hateful arguments and desperate determination to solve the identity mysteries.

Bear Grillz’s initial report of the reveal came in late February of this year, and rumors and speculation have run rapid since. The disclosure took place in a brief, but sincere Facebook post from the Bear Grillz account, with the producer conveying appreciation and thankfulness to the fans for their incessant support and love of the BG character. The post also extended an invitation for fans to join the producer in this monumental career moment, encouraging them to send an e-mail specifying why they are the biggest Bear Grillz fan, so they may be considered for the opportunity to meet the artist and attend the event that will broadcast on national television. Read the full post below.

Fast forward two months, and the time has come. In a second Facebook post from the Bear Grillz account (shared April 22) more extensive details about the reveal have been released. The identity of anonymous producer will be revealed on national television on May 6 on none other than the Jerry Springer show. Quite frank, this is absolutely hilarious, and truthfully the perfect place to host such an event, as Jerry Springer is no stranger to absurd drama and weirdness. Check out the second Facebook post, below.

In the mean time, be sure to check out Bear Grillz’s new EP, released April 22 on Firepower Records. A collection of four heavy-hitting, bass packed tracks that showcase Bear Grillz’s signature intense but energetic sound, ‘Mo Honey Mo Problems‘ is a must listen from start to finish.  With power tracks like “Everyday” and “Back On Top,” we are quickly reminded of why we are fans of Bear Grillz in the first place: because of the talent behind the music, not the identity behind the costume. 

It’s absolutely is a time to be alive…. and to be a Bear Grillz fan.

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‘Mo Honey Mo Problems’ EP Tracklist

Bear Grillz – Fuck Bitches Get Honey

Bear Grillz – Every Day

Bear Grillz – Going Down (Under)

Bear Grillz – Back On Top

Bear Grillz


bear grillz ep

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