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Summer love- one of the most multidimensional relationships one can feel in their lifetime.  The month of June was full of all the indie feels, and it has certainly carried into July thanks to Hozier. He made the world melt with his debut album exposing “Take Me To Church” in 2014.  Now, he has reawakened fan feelings with his single “Better Love” featured in the release of The Legend of Tarzan which hit theaters July 1st.

Although there was some skepticism as to how sincere his new song would be since he was requested to write the song specifically for the film, Hozier refused to let down fans.  In an interview with NPR, Hozier explained, “I wanted to make sure that (the song) was something I could put my name to outside of a film project and in that regard I could be proud of.” He even previewed the film early to better understand the love story that connected the dots and formed the lines of the plot together, then found parallels within these lines to his own understanding of love.

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Just as he did with his first release, Hozier once again opened up with vulnerability in his intimate lyrics;  my favorite line being, “And I’ve never loved a darker blue, than the darkness I have known in you.” Hozier described this lyric as a representation of both how beautiful the nature of a jungle can be although it can be dangerous the deeper you explore it, just as a a relationship can be a thrilling adventure although it has its struggles.

With an old soul way with words combined with a depth and complexity of sound we love and appreciate indie music for, Hozier made falling in love in the middle of the jungle completely relatable to all audiences of sight or sound.

“And I’ve never loved a darker blue, than the darkness I have known in you.” – Hozier, in “Better Love”

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