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Big Gigantic announced via twitter that they’d be dropping a new track with New Orleans-based rapper Pell. As the excitement built, I don’t think anyone really knew what a treat this new release was going to be. According to Big G, the collaboration with Pell has been a long time coming.

Big Gigantic, Pell, Sax, EDM, Hip Hop, Big G

“We had been itching to work with Pell. We sent him the instrumental and he sent us back a vocal masterpiece. This is one of our absolute favorite songs coming out on our upcoming album,” the artists said in a statement. 

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Big Gigantic, Pell, New, EDM, Hip Hop, Big G

The new piece surely delivers between Pell’s incredibly clean vocals and Big Gigantic’s soulful production. Given the reactions from fans, it’s clear that “Miss Primetime” was definitely worth the wait. 

“Miss Primetime” will be featured on the duo’s upcoming LP. Within the last four months, this is the third release we’ve seen from Big Gigantic. It’s clear that 2016 is a huge year for the gifted pair.

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