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Big Gigantic hit the Twitter world this week with their latest track “C’mon” featuring beats from frequent collaborator, Griz. The song starts with a melodic brass intro leading into some smooth groove and familiarity. There is no shortage of funk; the Big Gigantic saxophone jams we know in love are better than ever and finish “C’mon” off perfectly.

This collaboration came just a few weeks after Big Grizmatik (composed of Big G, Griz and Gramatik) made their 2016 festival season debut at Summer Camp Music Festival. Summer Camp fans on the web went nuts when attendees were able to get ahold of the latest Big Gigantic / Griz track that many heard drop for the first time at Summer Camp. Often facing criticism of repetitive and boring sets, Big Gigantic is definitely setting this myth straight. Dominic Lalli of Big G tweeted earlier this week:

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“Being so much more conscious about depth and space with all these new songs and it’s making everything more exciting. Space is the place!” -Dominic Lalli on Big Gigantic’s new layered sound

Big Grizmatik will be making their next appearance at Camp Bisco in Scranton, Pennsylvania on July 16 while Big G will be appearing across the U.S. this summer. “C’mon” is live across all streaming platforms and available for free download, but we’ve got you covered with the track below!

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