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Billboard’s newest podcast “Ballin’ Out” fuses the wide world of sports with an industry this mega media company is known for, music.

It’s no secret that rappers want to be athletes and athletes want to be rappers; you can see Drake hopping on the bandwagon for whatever basketball team is hot that season, or the rap careers of Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant and most recently Iman Shumpert for further proof. But Billboard takes the connection much further than that.

Billboard Associate Editor Natalie Weiner and Online Editor Adelle Platon take the podcast in many directions from sports-focused interviews with rappers to talking with players involved in what’s trending musically. After the hype behind #TheRunningManChallenge, Platon and Weiner got the background on how two University of Maryland basketball players helped create a movement; they also delved into who originally wrote the song, the Ghost Town DJs.

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In Episode 2, the ladies interview Fat Joe, getting his take on who would win the Eastern conference finals (he correctly chose the Cavaliers), and talk to Seattle Storm point guard Breanna Stewart on who is on her practice playlist. The answer is Beyonce…as it should be. 

In one of its latest episodes, they address the infamous Lil B curse, a subject that has fascinated the sports world for some time now. The BasedGod explains what warrants a curse, and who will be blessed for next season. Platon was happy to hear the Knicks would receive blessings, and considering the recent Knicks trade for Derrick Rose, all basketball power must lie with Lil B.

“Ballin’ Out” is not a podcast for in-depth sports analyses, but it is perfect for your casual fan following the lighter side of sports. Listeners get a run down on sports news and some interesting commentary from the biggest sports fans in the music industry, all packaged into one. 

Listen to the latest episode of Ballin’ Out HERE

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