For many of us, streaming music has become not only essential for survival, but a daily recurrence. With the explosion of technological development, a plethora of streaming platforms have become available for music addicts, each offering their own types of membership and different capabilities, giving users a lot to consider when determining which platforms to use. However, the good news is, the decision just got a lot easier with the announcement of the exclusive partnership between Billboard and Spotify.

Yes, you read that correctly. On April 21, revolutionary progress was made in the music streaming business as Spotify was named the exclusive 2016 playback partner for Billboard. Two of the largest names in the industry have teamed up to create the ultimate streaming experience and there is more to the partnership than the now increased availability of streamed music. In addition to the playback of more than 75 Billboard music charts, Billboard will also feature a weekly editorial online that features Spotify’s “New Music Friday” playlist, which will include a Spotify play button so readers may listen while they read.

And…….. it gets better.

In addition to all the new capabilities previously mentioned, Billboard will now also feature 3 new charts, determined weekly based on streaming statistics provided to Billboard from Spotify.  Billboard’s website will also allow readers to listen to 30-second clips of the songs featured on each chart, with full songs available through Spotify’s streaming application. Peep the new charts and details on how they are generated below.

Viral 50 – The 50 highest performing songs on Spotify in the U.S. based on social and sharing activity.

Velocity Chart – The 30 top ranked songs on Spotify in the U.S. based on total Spotify streams and the track’s individual rate of growth over the last week.

Spotify Rewind – A unique highlight of five songs from each decade from 1960 through the 2000s based on total streaming popularity (in the U.S.) and their weekly growth rate.


Spotify Viral | Spotify Velocity | Spotify Rewind

What Does This Mean?

For starters, on the business side of things, it is fairly obvious that this will increase the popularity of Spotify among music streamers. With the new features exclusive only to Spotify, Spotify becomes a more appealing choice over other streaming services. Futhermore, without getting into much depth, as Spotify’s popularity increases, so will its rise above other streaming services. This potentially could have a devastating effect for smaller or struggling services (SoundCloud, beware).

For Spotify users, though, not much will change. Users will have additional charts to browse within the app and can listen to songs featured on Billboard‘s charts in full.  On the other side of the spectrum, for those currently without Spotify, you will need to make a purchasing decision. Check out the difference between the free and paid membership in the graphic below.

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Additional Membership Pricing

Free – $0.00/month + tax

Premium – $9.99/month + tax

Premium Student – $4.99/month + tax

Premium Year – $119.88/year + tax

Family Me +1 – $14.99/month + tax

Family Me +2 – $19.99/month + tax

Family Me +3 – $24.99/month + tax

Family Me +4 – $24.99/month + tax





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