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The blood between Kid Cudi and previous mentor YEEZY has officially reached a boiling point. Kanye West is the one responsible for officially signing Cudi to G.O.O.D. Music record label back in 2008. When self-proclaimed Mr. Solo Dolo left the label just five years later, most assumed there was some tension with Kanye and Cudi’s relationship. That truly wasn’t the case. Kid Cudi claimed that the decision was strictly business and he was just looking to focus more on his Wicked Awesome label with King Chip.

Now it seems like Kid Cudi’s feelings towards Kanye and other hip-hop phenoms has taken a huge turn. Within the week, Cudi took his feelings to Twitter, which has everyone wondering – What’s the deal?

Kid Cudi, Twitter, Kanye, Drake

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While at first it was uncertain who Cudi was aiming to single out, he quickly made that clear.

Kid Cudi, Drake, KanyeKid Cudi, Kanye, Drake

The sudden change of heart from Cudi can likely be attributed to the fact that Ye announced that he’s working on an album with Drake. As you can imagine, Kanye had something to say about the twitter tantrum. As a matter of fact, Kanye replied in the middle of his sold out concert in Tampa, Fl.

Drake also had a little something clever to say during his concert in reply to Cudi.

Kid Cudi’s confidence is impressive. It will be interesting to see whether he pushes the controversy any further with a response. Cudi is also getting ready to release his 6th studio album this month. Could it be he’s just using the whole ordeal as an elaborate marketing scheme? Maybe, but for an artist who prides himself in his own creative ventures, that’s hard to believe. Regardless of the drama, I know i’m looking forward to releases from both sides.

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