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As many fans posted on the Breakaway Festival Facebook page, “if you’re snoozing you’re losing” on discounted early bird tickets (which go on sale today at 10 am). After the initial announcement last week, a frenzy followed and the initial round of early bird tickets sold out in under an hour.

Due to popular demand, additional 2-day GA and VIP tickets are now available for purchase. Consider this your personal gift guide for any festival friend that either 1) missed out on #Fest or 2) has any sort of birthday/holiday/graduation/first date/ christening coming up this summer.

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If you’re looking for a Travis Scott level antidote to get you through college finals or the dreaded summer job hunt, play this teaser video on repeat while playing a rousing game of quarters for one.

Buy Breakaway Festival Early Bird GA x VIP Tickets Now Here!


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