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While many media outlets are speculating whether or not the latest from Calvin Harris is a post-breakup “I’m better off on my own” anthem…we’re just happy he left bagging at a grocery store to make music this catchy.

Lyrics for “My Way”, his latest tropical tribute to breaking out of societal boxes (and relationships gone awry perhaps), include “You were the one thing in my way” and “I made my move and it was all about you…now I feel so far removed.”

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But when asked during the Elvis Duran and the Z100 Morning Show, Calvin said the song was actually inspired by his situation at a grocery store.

“I was trying to move to London and I was working in the store in Scotland, I was trying to go on and make music for a living but I couldn’t because I didn’t have any money. I was like, damn this grocery store! If I could break out of this I could have enough time to work on music and get good.”

Harris actually sings on “My Way”, and it had us double take as to whether or not it could have been Mr. Probz. It has all the makings of an EDM hit: easy-to-repeat lyrics, building and uplifting dance elements, and a beat that encourages soft shimmying. What do you think of the track? Who do you think will remix this first? We’d love to hear an over-the-top tropical house takeover by Matoma or Sam Feldt as well as completely busted mix of “My Way” from Jayceeoh or R3hab

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