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Ohio State University student Camden Levine was a Big Gigantic fan long before today’s announcement that he would be opening for the dynamic duo known for profound live shows which combine traditional instruments like saxophone and drums with electronic elements.

“When I heard that Big G, and special guest Illenium, were coming to Columbus I was ready to buy my ticket,” Levine told Life Backstage. “But before I bought it, my manager gave me even better news that I was opening for them.”

Tickets to see Big Gigantic on Brighter Future Tour here!

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The 20-year-old DJ/producer, whose Avicii “Broken Arrows” remix has garnered 100,000+ Soundcloud streams, also added that sharing his music at Columbus’s iconic The Bluestone venue (a renovated 19th Century church with stained glass windows and ample room for all-night dancing) is almost too good to be true.

Levine’s sound is playfully melodic, with tropical elements including synthesized marimbas and throbbing ethnic drum hits similar to Major Lazer’s signature sound. Life Backstage looks forward to what will probably be a sold out show at The Bluestone on November 11 with Big Gigantic, Illenium and newly announced Camden. 

Click here to listen to Camden Levine on Soundcloud!

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