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Is too much of a good thing, a bad thing? The Chainsmokers have relentlessly released new chart-topping music and it seems as if there is no stop. Their five single EP Collage is available live on Spotify including the tracks “Closer”, “Don’t Let Me Down”, “Inside Out”, and two new singles “All We Know” and “Setting Fires”.

As exciting as this may be, we have to wonder when and if the duo will ever stop. There is no denying each single has a uniqueness of it’s own, but having a new track come out and take the charts each and every time can get exhausting.

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Are The Chainsmokers releasing new music too quickly? Each song is a radio hit, it’s undeniable, but it also forces them down the path of mainstream monopoly. Are they producing music for themselves, or for the charts?

Although, this is not the first time we’ve seen an artist or group take their EP and release it single by single. Back in 2014, Martin Garrix took the same route with Gold Skies, and that brought in endless success. The main point being that we love The Chainsmokers, but we love them so much we would hate to see them crash and burn by overwhelming their fans. It is true, too much of a good thing can become a bad thing…except when it comes to reading posts on Life Backstage.


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