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Chance The Rapper announced Magnificent Coloring Day, his first self-organized music festival, back in July. As Chance stood on stage with tears in his eyes, the sold out U.S. Cellular Field performed every lyric along with him.

Magnificent Coloring Day

The bill of artists included Lil Wayne, Alicia Keys, 2 Chainz, Tyler The Creator, Young Thug, Skrillex, John Legend, and Lil Uzi Vert along with a multitude of surprises. The biggest fortune proved to be after an abrupt halt in Tyler’s set with the reveal of Kanye West. 

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West performed an extremely concise set of “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1”, his verse from Schoolboy Q’s “THat Part”, “All Day”, “All Falls Down”,  “Touch The Sky”, and more. With the lineup packed with A-list artists that long established festivals even have trouble booking, it seems as if the Magnificent Coloring Day too good to be true.Kanye West Magnificent Coloring Day Chance The Rapper

Photos by: Morgan Elise Johnson

The festival was sold out very quickly but there was an even more intimate after-party at Studio Paris Nightclub in River North. When the music softened, the lights went low, and the crowd’s on switch flipped. Favorites from his Acid Rap and Coloring Book projects banged at an extra 200 percent, ingrained with the deep-rooted energy that naturally embody Chance with his Savemoney/The Social Experiment comrades.

I probably saw at least five people I didn’t even know would be there, but we barely spoke: just ships passing in the turn-up. Chance put on an invigorating performance along side a panoramic scene that included the likes of Towkio, Stix of The Social Experiment, and even NBA star Jahlil Okafor. The entire day was one for the record books. “Thank you, guys,” Chance said as he turned and walked off the stage in accomplished fashion.
Chance Studio ParisChance Studio Paris

Photo By: Zoe Rain

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