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Chicago-based fan favorite Chance The Rapper debuted a new tune titled “Unlimited Together” with original lyrics. He was featured singing in a breathtaking video during an Olympic Trial commercial break. The theme of the video dealt with unity, hence the title and what better way to celebrate the Olympic spirit. With Chance The Rapper standing in front of an American Flag, men and women of the USA Olympic Basketball teams were shown standing together in hopes of accomplishing a common dream.

In a time where hate can overlook all, Chance preaches love saying, “people, people, we the people would like you to know that wherever you go we’re right by your side.”

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Little did I know, the video is actually one part of a series of shorts sponsored by Nike’s “Unlimited” campaign. The videos, directed by Hiro Murai, are based on the everyday athletes and the champion athletes who push their limits daily

This summer has been record breaking after Chance The Rapper released his third mix tape “Coloring Book” back in May. Since then, his recent album made Billboard’s Top 200 list with just streaming numbers alone. Aside from that, Chance The Rapper recently announced his first festival “Magnificent Coloring Day” set for September 24th at the White Sox Cellular stadium in his hometown (which has already sold out…NBD).

He also just recently embarked on his “Magnificent Coloring” World Tour where he’ll be making a stop in Columbus to headline Breakaway Music Festival. Read more about that here.

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