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Lil Chano from the 79th (aka Chance The Rapper) brought a spectacular, soulful hip hop performance to Cleveland, Ohio, as part of his nationwide “Be Encouraged” tour. This was one of over 40 stops in support of his third mixtape Coloring Book.

All photos by: Chelsea Gresh 

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The sold out show of 20,000 was held at Blossom Music Center, a semi-outdoor amphitheater. Despite the rain, the pavilion and hill was filled to the top with fans sporting the #3 baseball hats Chance began sporting after his third project dropped. 

His energy, charisma and passion is unmatched as a performer. A very thoughtful artist when it comes to engaging the audience; throughout the show he would ask his fans “I’m having a good time, are Y’all having a good time?” He also sprinkled personal antidotes on the inspirations behind certain songs. 

Chance-2348Chance played many of his songs from “Acid Rap”, his second project which turned four years old this past April. Loyal to his fans as they are to him, Chance never disappoints with a performance and always gets the city doing front flips.

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