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As Chance the Rapper’s “Coloring Book” mixtape set fire to social media and surrounding sound waves, the artist-in-demad took to Reddit hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) in which he revealed some interesting facts about himself and confirmed a huge collaboration. Amongst some teased responses, here are our fave five things learned during the forum:

Chance The Rapper hates on “Harry Potter”

In an oddly random mashup, we see both sides, but crush hard on Simba every time. The top gospel rapper in the game picked “The Lion King” over “Harry Potter” when asked which movie he preferred.

lion king, gif, disney movie, simba, nahla

The rapper’s dreams have come true (thank you, Yeezus!)

When Chance did a Reddit AMA two years ago, a fan asked what his dream collaboration is and his response was Kanye West. Two years later, Chance has collaborated with Yeezus himself, Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz (all on “Coloring Book”). Chance also said there was supposed to be a Big Sean feature, but an unspecified “they” stopped him.

Legends he still wants to work with are 50 Cent, Robert Townsend, Randy Newman, Paul Giamatti and Stevie Wonder.

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His taste in cereal is that of a five-year-old

In the words of Chance, they are “ALL FIRE” including Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes and Mini Wheats. Where’s the love for Cocoa Puffs, we ask?

His favorite “Coloring Book” track is a heart-breaker

“My grandmother passed away a few weeks before we recorded, and my cousin Nicole sang ‘How Great Is Our God’ and it crushed me,” Chance told Reddit fans. “A week later I had (Nicole) come to the studio, recorded her, and Francis did his harmonizer thing. It’s so close to my heart.” With that, “How Great” was born.

Chance plans to get childish very soon

He confirmed a Childish Gambino has indeed been made…with him on it. His simple answer was “yes” without any further context but regardless, we know it’s out there and we can’t freaking wait. Until then, let’s all rejoice that the tireless artist fights for music made not for free but for freedom.


Read Chance The Rapper’s full Reddit AMA, then head over to Twitter to tweet us @Life_Back_Stage with your favorite “Coloring Book” track.

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