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Following a period of silence since his last album dropped in October 2014, STN MTN/Kaui, Childish Gambino has been putting his fans through a whirlwind of excitement. First was the commercial frenzy and eager anticipation for Atlantahis autobiographical documentary set to run on FX in September, and then there was this mysterious tweet…

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 11.32.59 AM

After much speculation about the app PHAROS Earth, which showed a rapid countdown of sorts accompanied by music, it has now been determined what exactly was being counted. September 2-4, Gambino will be performing in Joshua Tree, California, where he has promised to debut a new album. Personally, I think he is releasing this news at the perfect time.

Despite a brief moment in the musical shadows, he is now on the forefront of fans’ minds as they await the premiere of his show. Some fans may be relieved to know that his entrance back into the acting field does not mean a screeching halt on his musical career. Now, after thoroughly trolling the Internet and nearly getting myself blocked on multiple platforms (us journalists can be so pesky), I have gathered some somewhat intelligent comments from fans about their feelings toward all of this Childishness.

childish gif 2

“Well, I liked the hype that Childish Gambino’s made toward his new album, I haven’t felt like that over an album in forever.” – Andres, 15, United States

“I think it’s cool that he’s actually letting us know when he’s gonna drop it too cause it was super frustrating when no one knew when Drake was gonna release Views.” – Elaina, 20, Ohio

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“I hope Gambino’s new album shows growth and change. A lot of artists try to recreate the same album over and over while artists like Gambino and Kid Cudi experiment with new sounds, topics, and genres to give their fans something new with each album. I’m hoping for a combination of super hard-hitting beats on some tracks while I’m hoping some tracks are soft and melodic. I definitely think Gambino will deliver. I think he’s always been super creative and have no problem with how he announced it. I know a lot of us were hoping for new music, but waiting a little bit longer won’t hurt.” – David (aka rapper Crockett, whose cover of Gambino’s “Silk Pillow” can be found here), Pennsylvania

Some people weren’t as verbose with their hopes for the new album….

“Bangers.” –Andrew, 22, Pennsylvania

“I really hope he’s tasteful with the alien theme and it doesn’t get corny… And I hope he doesn’t make the project too multimedia like BTI because I think the magic of doing that will fade away if he does it twice. I’d also like to see him talk about how his life has changed since BTI (if it has) and reflect on any new mindset he might have now being a possible father. I’d also quite like to see him focus on new ideas and concepts then previous albums and really push the boundaries of hip hop subject matter and talk about culture, politics, global warming and other more macroscopic things like that. Also would like to hear collabs in any medium be it production, singing or rapping from Kanye, Frank Ocean, Chance, Kendrick Lamar and Mick Jenkins.” – Ally, 18, Oxfordshire, UK

“I hope it’s something fresh and different. I loved how Camp was pure nostalgia and BTI was growing up. Now, I’m just hoping on the next chapter of the story. I was beyond hype at the announcement and the app did great at building up suspense.” -Ford, 16, Wisconsin

childish gif
Some fans were a little less pleased with all the teasing…

“I hope to hear genre-defying music from him. He’s been working hard and I expect an album that can’t be fully appreciated unless it’s with live instrumentation and that’s what sets apart the musicians from the others. The app was cool but I felt like he could’ve at least rewarded us with a single for staring at it for 2 days straight. Nothings’ arbitrary though so I’m coolin.” – Rajan, 21, VA

“I have no doubts that this festival/concert at Joshua Tree will be a breathtaking display of technical innovation and showmanship. On the other hand, I am disappointed. As a 20-year-old factory worker from Ferguson, Missouri, I do not have the time or money to make a trip to California. And the 21 + camping is complete bullshit.” – Matt, 20, MO

Still not convinced that anything could top BTI, but I guess I will have to do as Donald wants and wait until September with the rest of these guys to be sure.

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