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Before we talk about the Chvrchs and Hayley Williams (of Paramore) collab, I wanted to breakdown what a “feature” is as well as why this one is rare. 

 What The F*ck Is A Feature?

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A feature, or collaboration, is when an artist supplies vocals, plays an instrument or makes some sort of guest appearance on a piece of music that is not their own. This is a common musical technique often used in genres such as EDM and hip hop. For example, Drake features 7 different artists on his recently released album, Views, and Major Lazer’s Peace Is The Mission had 15.

Why Is This “Kind Of A Big Deal”?

Compared to hip hop and EDM, the amount of indie musicians collaborating with one another is minuscule. As a disclaimer to my creditability, I am aware various collaborations exist (for example one of my favorite albums is Terrible Thrills, Vol. 2) but those credited features are far and few between.

This lack of collaboration is exactly why I am excited about the recently remixed version of “Bury It”. The song was recorded on the album, Every Open Eye, and originally did not feature Williams. But during the Fall of 2015, Hayley joined Chvrches on stage and performed the song live. After this performance, a studio version featuring Williams was released June 9, 2016.

“Bury It” is a powerful song with delicate touches thanks to the vocals of Hayley and Chvrches lead singer, Lauren Mayberry. In the background, energizing synths build the intensity of the track while a drum beat binds the song together.

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