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Coming off a series of extremely successful covers, Citizen Føur is heating up with a song all to their own. The new track titled, “Cold,” narrates a story about lust and attraction being met by a heartless, harsh and cold individual. With much of the song highlighting the band’s vocals, it’s easy to see that these guys have some serious talent.

Recently signed to Island Records, Citizen Føur consists of brothers Conner and Carson Boatman along with Josh Levi and Austin Percario. With ties to Hollywood, X Factor and YouTube, this group has an interesting past and an exciting future. Looking to learn more, I talked with the members of Citizen Føur about their newest single and the individual personalities that make up the group.


Congratulations on releasing your first song, Cold! It’s really authentic, but still has a bite to it’s sound. Tell me about what went into creating this track.

It was so much fun making the track for COLD! It was really exciting because it is actually the first original song we ever recorded as a group. When I hear it I can still remember the “new car smell” that it had when we were recording it.

Are there plans for a music video in the works?

We have released a lyric video for COLD, which you can check out on our YouTube page! 


Prior to the release of Cold, you all mainly stuck with covers. What does it feel like to have an original single out for the world to hear?

It feels amazing for Citizen Four to have original content out for the world. I feel like our first single is a great taste maker for who we are as a band, and what our music is going to be like in the future. After releasing COLD, I’m so excited to release and perform new music for everyone!

Let’s talk about the band. First off, what’s the meaning behind the name “Citizen Four”?

We all loved the word “Citizen” because it felt modern, and we are all citizens of America. There are Four of us in the band so it we felt it accurately described us. It only took three long months to come up with a name we all agreed on, haha!

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You talk about wanting to push the boundaries of the traditional boy band stereotype. What do you plan to do in order to differentiate yourselves from that stigma?

I think simply by each guy in this band maintaining our individuality and staying true to ourselves is what differentiates us from other artists. We realize that most boy bands try to each be the same person but we’re not afraid to all be different/diverse and add each of ourselves to something that’s beautiful as a unit.

With the group being formed fairly recently, what’s the chemistry of the group like? 

Like I mentioned, we’re all so different in most aspects, so there’s a special camaraderie that we have that’s hard to explain. Overall, we’re learned about each other really fast.  


What would you say each member brings to the band?

Josh brings an unwavering amount of confidence & style.

Conner brings a sense of adventure & freedom.

Carson brings a suave gentleman swag & a limitless range.

What’s the one thing you want your fans to know?

I want our fans to know that we appreciate you guys so much & we can not wait to get out on the road to start performing for y’all!! 




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