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Aside from filling the ears of fans with eccentric sounds for years, Claude VonStroke’s Dirtybird Label has successfully stimulated eyes of all as well. The trident of tech house hand picks underground artists for all of his Dirtybird release art.

Claude VonStroke first struck gold when choosing an album artist in 2013. Urban Animal was nominated for “Best Art Vinyl Of The Year” alongside musicians Daft Punk and Elton John. The cover was created by MFG Productions, who has also been known to make art for Mad Decent. The art depicts an abstract cityscape repositioned as a bird in flight, taking a literal approach to the title.

In 2014, Dirtybird released huge tracks with cartoon artwork to match by UK illustrator Graham Carter. Graham Carter has produced artwork for companies such as Monster and Visa. Perhaps the most notable release he decorated was the Dirtybird BBQ compilation album which featured the house banger “Okay” by Shiba San.

Raoul Deleo of the Netherlands is responsible now for all the animal hybrid art being released last year. These illustrations reflect the fusion of sounds and genres you’ll hear from the eclectic Dirtybird label. The mutant wildlife was originally part of a ten project called “Terra Ultima” that was featured in a Dutch magazine. The story behind the collection is that there was a brand new continent discovered in 2006 and these are the organisms that inhabit it.

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Such examples of these imaginary animals include an ‘Octopossum Leucostolum’ on Claude Vonstroke’s Barrump EP, which appears to be a cross between an octopus and an opossum, and the Tucanogemina Carcinoforma’, a crab with toucan heads for claws featured on a Justin Jay release.

I’m not entirely sure what VonStroke’s obsession with birds is, but as long as he keeps providing booty-shaking tech house and quirky artwork, I’m not complaining.

Catch Claude VonStroke and all his Dirtybird glory May 11 in Columbus, OH. Tickets available for purchase here.


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