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Christian Holstein also working under the DJ name Fallsteeze, dropped three massive tracks within the time span of just one week. Each original track premiered through big name sources such as Audiophile Live, Plenum Records, EDM.com, That Bass Life, and Trap Sounds.

Fallsteeze is a self-taught producer originally from Columbus, OH who studied at Ohio State University, and even went to the Olympic trials for diving a few years back. He began making his own music four years ago, but started his journey as a DJ over eight years ago. During his time as a DJ/producer he’s had some huge opportunities to open up for respected artists like Dada Life, Crizzly, Paper Diamond, Astronamer, and a number of others. Fallsteeze has also collaborated with the likes of TrillWave, Victor Niglio, and DotCom.

Check his most recent releases below where we’ve broken down each track for you.

1. Fallsteeze – Laugherz (original)
“Laugherz” incorporates laughter samples throughout the tune combined with a heavy bass house drop. This single was a joint release with Plenum Records and That Bass Life. So far the track has accumulated 21k plays on SoundCloud since its release on 3/21.

2. Fallsteeze – Kronos (original)
On the same day as the release of “Laugherz” Fallsteeze arranged for his “Kronos” single to be released on the same day. “Kronos” is a hybrid track that incorporates elements of mostly trap but also some dubstep. This allows for the track to be melodic but hard hitting at the same time. Originally, the track premiered on EDM.com and eventually released through Audiophile Live Record Label.

3. Fallsteeze – Fam ft. I the Imperial
Just two days after his release of “Kronos” and “Laugherz” Fallsteeze hit us with a third release called “Fam” which features vocals by I the Imperial aka Isaac Conan Osborne. “Fam” is considered more of a trap tune but still has a deep feel to it throughout. This single originally premiered via trap sounds.

While it’s clear Fallsteeze has no problems making bangers on his own, he mentioned that collaborations with other artists have really helped his sense of direction as an artist.

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“DotCom and Victor Niglio came over after their show and we produced something together. I learned a lot from them about how a track needs to be simple enough to get the point across, but also complex so it stands out.”

Fallsteeze is also frequently inspired by good friends Robbie Baker and Tyyler Burrett of We’re Not Friends. Since their SoundCloud became active just two months ago they’ve gained over 8k followers. Tyyler Burrett is also the founder of trapstyle.com which is a source dedicated to displaying the latest music while showcasing up-and-coming artists around the world. Check out this We’re Not Friends & Fallsteeze dub remix collaboration called “Deeper Love”.

The artist also mentioned that for producers:

“It’s crucial to finish as many songs as possible so eventually you can take what you’ve learned from each song which speeds up your work flow and gives you a broader range of knowledge to work from.”

For all you aspiring producers out there Fallsteeze encourages you to stick with it. For a producer, the best feeling is creating a track that truly means something to you. The key to getting there is dedication and the will to want to keep learning.

Fallsteeze currently has 2,366 followers on SoundCloud. By the end of the year his goal is to reach 10k and hopefully acquire a manager who leads him to more booking opportunities. Based on his success so far, we have no doubts that there are even bigger things coming from the artist in future endeavors. Click the links listed below to follow Fallsteeze through social media and SoundCloud to listen to additional originals and stay up to date on his new music.


SoundCloud / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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