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Daft Punk, the French electronic duo, have seemingly come back to life this week. It has been since 2013-2014 that we have got much of anything from Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo.

A vinyl of their 1995 hit “Da Funk” is going to be up for grabs in lieu of TOILETPAPER magazine’s one millionth copy. The vinyls will be gold, and along with that they will also be ran as a limited edition item. “Da Funk” could easily be credited as the stepping stone into success for the group, the track was their first major hit.

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In addition to the vinyl release, they appear on a hot, new song released by The Weeknd , “Starboy”. The song itself brings in an element from Daft Punk that we aren’t so used to. To say it feels more human could be a way to put it; they have dropped the glitchy robotic sound and went with something else— and it worked.

In the end, it’s been an eventful week for Daft Punk. Could all this excitement be for a reason? Speculation and rumors of the duo coming out of their hiatus and touring again are a dime a dozen every year, but maybe all this activity means something. In theory, Daft Punk could be anticipating a 2017 tour or festival appearance. Supporting that claim, look at their past. The two go on tour by the decade. 1997. 2007. 2017.

Our Work Is Never Over.

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