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This week, Deadmau5 took twitter, per usual, to call out a new culprit. It was brought to his attention someone has taken his powerful stage production and duplicated it for their own use. After showing much annoyance, Deadmau5 discovered the thief was a man by the name of Erik Fink.

Fink is accused (and has now admitted to) stealing Deadmau5’s infamous “Cube” stage design and production. Before unveiling the new design, he referred to the concept as “next level shit”. Initially revealed at Veld music festival, the fan’s reaction was second to none and so was Deadmau5’s pride in knowing he created the next big thing.dea

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Furthermore, if you find yourself thinking the name Erik Fink rings a bell, you’re right; he is the former tour manager for the EDM duo Krewella. 

Scandalous you may wonder? In addition to the possible infringement of stage design, the fact Fink used to manage Krewella probably added more heat to this burning fire. Remember back when the mau5 himself trolled the sisters over twitter? He claimed they didn’t play live sets and continued his rant with photos such as USB’s plugged into toilets and a pair of underwear. The trolling runs deep apparently for the not-so play nice mouse.

To summarize, the main takeaway here is do not mess with Deadmau5. Or do, but be prepared to feel the wrath and be outed for the world to see via Twitter.

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