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“I got into music when I was like 13 or so making beats. At my middle school, I was the kid who was beat boxing or getting in trouble from drumming on the tables too loud while my other friends rapped,” shares Devin Burgess, the Dayton, OH emcee/producer/engineer, speaking to Life Backstage on his longtime love for hip-hop music.

The 22-year-old just released his project LGNDS with Lunar Thought, although he’s been working on finding his sound for years.

“I eventually got into actual beat making when my dad bought me Fl Studio for Christmas one year. After a couple months of learning the basics of that, one of my homies at the time Breon was like ‘Yo, I know you make beats but you should try to rap.’ I said alright, went to my next class and while we were supposed to be taking notes, I was writing my first rap. The class ended, I linked back up with him, spat it for him and…I’ve been rapping ever since,” said Burgess.

His first mixtape, called The Elegant Project, was released in 2012 on the artist’s 18th birthday.


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Four Years Later

LGNDS came about simply by me saying ‘Yo, let’s do a collab project together.’ Lunar was down with it, and we instantly got to work. I believe the first song we recorded was ‘Watchuneed’ up in studio. It’s literally just as simple as that.”

Making Progress

“Lunar is the homie. I heard about him through some of his old videos. I honestly don’t even know how I came across them besides YouTube but his videos were super dope…with nice flow. I sent him a track called ‘Getitngo’ off the project Progress. A couple weeks later, he sent me the track ‘Ascend’ and it ended up going on Progress as well. That was originally his record, but I just straight up took it…it fit the concept of Progress and at the time I felt that I HAD to have it. It’s all love though.”

Love For Cincy

“As of 2016 I’ve done like 20-30 shows…half, if not majority, were in Cincinnati. And the love I get here is dope. It’s really hard to get people to care here and show REAL support. Not just a Facebook share…I’ve performed at Bogarts, Madison Theater, Thompson House; I even did a festival this year called Geek Out 3.0. I be everywhere man. As long as it’s legit, can be a decent enough turnout, and the promoters ain’t shitty I’m there man.”

With Burgess pushing the content and quality of his music rather than the quantity, he still has more projects in the stash ready to go. Burgess promised us more music before the end of 2016. If you’ve never listened to a Devin Burgess track, he draws inspiration from artists like Jay-Z, Erykah Badu, Flying Lotus, Common, and J. Dilla.

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