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Funny guy Dillon Francis dropped the trifecta of confectionary content with his latest “Candy”, which he’s been teasing on Snapchat for the past month.

“Candy”, featuring Snappy Jit, is simple yet catchy AF. We expect it to make rounds within the remix circuit soon. Dillon’s “pet” pinata Gerald inspired the track. It’s a syrupy sweet dance track with shrill and snappy elements that combine the best of Francis and his counterpart on the banger, Snappy Jit.

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Stream the song on Spotify and Apple Music or download on iTunes and Amazon. In addition, a Gerald t-shirt and bundle pack were made available. The pinata “bundle back” which consisted of candy, toys, a pinata and t-shirt sold out in under 30 minutes! However, t-shirts are still available for $29.99.

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What do you think of his latest? Let us know on Twitter link here

Take a look at the awkwardly awesome VEVO visuals too. Here’s hoping Francis releases a follow-up to the hilarious “Need You” video.


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