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Taking to multiple media platforms as only this duo could do, the newly formed dream team of Dillon Francis and NGHTMRE took to Reddit for an “AMA” upon the release of their new single “Need You” and an accompanying music video that was a mix between a comedic Cinemax skit and the most epic neighborhood block party imaginable.

Here are five moments that took over the Ask Me Anything thread:

Facebook’s Live Stream Was The Real MVP

Although Reddit was the original forum for this impromptu Q&A, the Facebook live stream feature was where the real show took place. Fans took to the hour long video to ask the artists anything, from “fuck marry kill” to craziest fan experiences and recommendations sound plug-ins and synth packs on Ableton.

Dillon Francis Really Committed To His Character

The producer, who often gets into character for his short sketches on SnapChat, went with method acting for his roll as DJ Dill in the “Need You” video. Francis sported diamond studs in both ears, which epicly depict the cheesy corporate, bar-mitzvah, and wedding DJ Dill (who also loves a side visor and satin button-up).

Sample Secrets Were Revealed

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The sample source was revealed for “Need You” as well as the artist Dillon Francis and NGHTMRE love to use. Loleatta Holloway, a disco powerhouse vocalist most popular in the 1970s for “Cry To Me”, was sampled on both “Need You” and used A cappella on NGHTMRE’s Nuclear Bonds EP track “Gud Vibrations”.

DJ Hardwell Made An Appearance

Although the actual Dutch DJ couldn’t cameo for the Q&A’s, held at Francis’s home in LA, a tiny action figure of the mainstream house musician did. And it was perfection. Hardwell has made guest appearances on the moombah mogul’s SnapChat multiple times.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 5.33.53 PM

Check out our Facebook page for that video if you have yet to see it here!

NGHTMRE Was Supposed To Cameo In “Need You”

Once the “Need You” video dropped, fans were worried as to why NGHTMRE was nixed from the vid, some saying he got iced out similarly to Jauz on the track itself (read here). However, it was quite the contrary according to Francis as he explained the reasoning as well as a possible in-person “pop up video” in the works:

“It was miscommunication. I thought I was shooting it the day he came back into town,” he said. “It was actually for the day before, and he was in Spain and couldn’t make it. But don’t worry…we’re planning on doing some cool shit in LA, hopefully recreating that party (from the video). More info to come out soon.”

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