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While “Need You” was dropping all over the place, the downright disses from Dillon Francis and NGHTMRE towards Jauz are what caught our attention. The mix of moombah ala “Bun Up The Dance” and the contorted sounds NGHTMRE has earned cult fame for were fire, yes, but the comical hate tweets that spewed from SnapChat comedian Dillon Francis were the best, well-timed releases of all.

What started as a not-so-subtle “side bitch” proclamation, spiraled into hilarity which ensued over the Internet. Branchez even gets in on the action, NGHTMRE too, although Francis is clearly the ring leader. The fragile foundation of this electronic duo started steady not too long ago though…

The two originally worked together remixing Major Lazer‘s smash “Lean On”. Jauz also remixed Francis and Kygo‘s track “Coming Over”.

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IMG_0762While it doesn’t look like anal will be the quick fix this fragile friendship needs, the new track at hand is enough to secure Dillon and trap star NGHTMRE as the ones to watch.
Shark squad table for one?

With a “Need You” remix already in the works, maybe they’ll throw lonely boy a bone and let Jauz in on it. Take a listen to the free download now, then tweet @Life_Back_Stage with your pick for who should remix it.

Dillon Francis x NGHTMRE
“Need You” Out Now

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