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Sometimes your concert experience isn’t complete without that special someone. Whether it’s a romantic interest or just a friend, there is no denying that those around you are an important aspect to your night.

This dawned on me during, of all things, an EDM set put on by resident Columbus DJ CorruptI found inspiration through his song “With You” (feat. Skyelle) and asked those around me, “If you could have anyone with you right now, who would it be?”

 “Nice try interview man, but that’s one of the worst pick up lines I’ve heard.”

Emma W. San Diego, CA

“Flo from Progressive.”

Ryan C. Columbus, OH


                      via GIPHY

“Jake from State Farm.”

Jen S. Cleveland, OH

“My boyfriend, Matthew, he’s stuck at an airport in Hong Kong.”

Bethany A. Detroit, MI

“I wanna wobble with Bill Nye.”

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                                                                  Kelsey W. Irvine, CA

“Nicholas Cage, but I’d probably get annoyed and want him ‘Gone in Sixty Seconds’.”

Cassidy N. Columbus, OH


                      via GIPHY

“John Stamos during his younger years.”

Molly K. Cleveland, OH

“My finance, Lauren, she’s pretty much everything to me.”

Daren W. Phoenix, AZ

“Probably someone from FIFA, I think they’d appreciate something corrupt.”

Allen C. Cleveland, OH


                        via GIPHY

DJ Corrupt

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