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Donald Glover’s set to release his new, groundbreaking autobiographical documentary “Atlanta” in September to air on FX.

All you sick bois and Gambino girls have been eagerly awaiting this premiere since it was first rumored to be a thing in 2014; in just three short months the wait will be up. This could very well be the biggest thing since 8 Mile or The Carter, but what sets this particular rap doc apart from the rest?emotions
Donald Glover is one of the most multi-faceted artists in the hip-hop game today. Starting out writing for “30 Rock”, then transcending into the comedy scene and gaining attention at a stand up-show from Tina Fey, Donald Glover is a man of many trades (and names).

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Before the screaming fans (and even before the laughing ones) Donald Glover was bullied, dealt with suicidal thoughts and struggled with alcoholism. See how this man, raised by a daycare provider and a postal worker, was able to take these struggles and turn them into a $4.5 million empire in the FX docu-drama.

According to FX Network, the series will be 10 episodes with more info to come. Until then, play this “Atlanta” teaser video on repeat and get ready for a fall full of couch surfing. 

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