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Writing this article right now I’m not even sure what to call this playlist you are all about to be bestowed. The pop off of electronically influenced sounds has been crazy the past few years. Music we refers to as “EDM” is actually an umbrella for numerous genres and sub-genres, from deep house to future bass.

Anyone is capable of falling in love with electronic elements like pings, robotic vocals and massive drops followed by a four-four warped bass beat. Seriously, the people who claim that our artists are all synthesizers and buttons don’t know the first thing about this art. It’s their collaboration, talent, creativity and passion that has managed to kill boarders in music. Plus their abilities to put on some of the sickest live shows you’ll ever experience.

Sure, genres still exist, and they always will. But the days of being exclusively one genre is on its way out. Don’t believe me?

Lindsey Sterling is an extremely talented violinist who, instead of taking her talents to the classical side, created her own style of EDM through remixing her live sound. She recently showcased this talent at Coachella performing alongside Robert Delong.

Zac Brown Band, currently third on Billboard’s Top Country Artists chart, recently collaborated with Avicii, the #7 top DJ according to DJmag, to create an amalgam of sounds “Broken Arrows” which defied genres but garnered mainstream attention.

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Louis the Child remixed Ty Dolla $ign to give “Blasé” a whole new sound.

NGHTMRE has perfected the genre of trap, which itself is a blend of rap, bass music and dub step.

This is what I love. Whether you’re creating an entire new genre, or remixing a Marvin Gaye song to create a tropical house hit a la Kygo. You can do literally anything; there’s no one size fits all within the dressing room of electronic music. So give these collaborators a try.

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