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Music Festivals are a world of their own; a place of escape for all music lovers to come together for a weekend and escape their mundane day to day lives. Peace, Love, Unity and Respect are the biggest themes to these larger than life events. Festivals aren’t just one big party, they’re an escape for people of all walks of life to come to and be who they are without fear of judgment or exclusion. Electric Forest, one of the top music festivals in the country, is making a huge effort this year to make their forest the safest and most inclusive experience yet for women with their plug in program Her Forest.

“Electric Forest’s Her Forest Program is a new initiative that considers and builds upon the experience of women at Electric Forest. With a focus on Connection, Inspiration, and Comfort, Her Forest is a collaboration between women. All Her Forest projects are intended to create the most supportive and empowering environment possible.”

The host this year is The Festival Girls own Edith Johnson. The program was created for women who are camping alone, or who just wish to connect and build a community with other Forest Family women. Group camp will be run with a camping area specifically set aside for the ladies including activities like a women’s circle and meet and greet with some of the female performers the forest has lined up this year. The most incredible part of all this? The program is open to anyone who identifies as a woman. Yes, you read right, anyone who identifies as a woman. Hallelujah for an open-minded open season to festival equality for all!

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Learn more about the Electric Forest plug-in programs here


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