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Each year the Electric Forest Festival has been in production, over 35,000 festival-goers have been in attendance. Countless people purchase their tickets a year in advance if they are released that early. People line up in hordes at the gates, patiently awaiting the opening doors into their long awaited fantasy land of the festival.

As like many other festivals across the world, people arrive by the tens of thousands. More attendees than staff. People are there to have fun, let loose, and get wild. It’s quite the sight to witness the before and after photos of a festival or even a concert experience. By that, I refer to the endless amount of trash that covers the ground afterwards.

It’s the common mindset when massive amounts of people gather at one location, large amounts of trash follow in their wake. I actually can’t remember the last concert I was at where there was a clean floor after the event was over. Nine times out of ten there is a large mess to be dealt with. People leave their trash on the ground with the selfish thought that someone else will pick it up for them, or that its someone’s job to do that.

Water bottles, being the most common item left on the ground, are not biodegradable and typically take a very long time to decompose into the Earth. They are left on the premises by the thousands. People bring them into the crowds and down water constantly through out the day. Amidst the crowd, you don’t want to give up your spot with your perfect view of the stage. That leads to the reason trash is left on the ground because it’s much easier to just drop your water bottle on the ground versus worming your way out of the crowd and having your spot filled in like quicksand.

Now how do we go about making this situation better? What can be done to make trash easier to dispose of for all attendees? Well, placing more garbage cans is a start, except you still can’t place them in the center of the crowds. If people get crazy enough, those trash cans are an obstacle attendees will overcome or make a crowd float items of… That gets scratched off fast.

Electric Forest became smart about their solution and introduced a way to earn EXCLUSIVE prizes. This is how the system of Electricology was birthed. A solution that not only betters The Forest, but also benefits the attendees. The environmental issues pertaining to the waste from festivals sparked the creation of this green initiative program. Other festivals are following similar “green” trends. For example, Bonaroo has made statements about sustainability and created recycling stations and eco-friendly features for their festival.

Electric Forest

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Electricology is designed to encourage the festival-goer to participate in a waste reduction system through the use of composting and recycling. The system aids in reducing the festivals carbon footprint. The attendees are only required to dispose of their trash correctly. Electric Forest makes this easier for them by meeting them halfway on the act by creating multiple trash stations and Ecozones.

Through these Ecozones, recycling can be dropped off in order to earn EcoPoints which can be redeemed for exclusive prizes. Then more trash bags can be obtained so you can venture back out to collect more to earn more.

With your EcoPoints, you need to head to the Electicology Stores in order to redeem them. The stores are conveniently located at the venue entrance and near Sherwood Court, so you can redeem your points without having to leave the music. For 2016, your points can earn you signed artist posters, festival vendor merchandise, official sponsor goodies, exclusive festival perks, meet n greets with artists from the festival lineup, and much more!

Electicology will also be rolling their prize carts around during set breaks in order to bring the green glory and rewards to those worthy of them. You never know what you may earn by just helping to keep the environment a little greener. Either way you put it, everyone wins by being green. Be green and reap the rewards, it only takes a few simple and quick steps:

  1. Bring your recycling and trash to EcoZones throughout the grounds of Electric Forest

  2. Earn EcoPoints for your participation in helping keep The Forest clean
  3. Redeem by visiting the Electricology Stores

Click the HERE for more information


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