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Hailing from Lebanon, Ohio, AC Fresh has made quite a name for himself via social media and a local following. With a couple projects under his belt, AC threw his own local Burbs Bash which was the first of it’s kind in his hometown. During the show, AC Fresh premiered a new single which we’re here to help air, “Suburban Trap”.

“Suburban Trap is not just a song but it’s a way of life. We really are out here hustling and trying to make ends meet. The burbs is my home and it’s where all my people are from,” he told Life Backstage.


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The local movement has caught on, and is moving quickly. The young talent is working within the area to keep the movement organic. “I’m currently working with a couple producers, one being Drew T from my hometown and Jefe from Cincinnati.”

Both of the producers not only attended AC’s Burbs Bash in Lebanon, they’ve also been long-time collaborators with the Midwest come up. While AC hasn’t been focusing his efforts on one specific project, he did just start his own small clothing line. AC has also promised more shows coming soon to the area, as well as more music. 

Hype the fresh track from Fresh below then, if you like what you hear, follow along on Twitter and Instagram

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